Moisturizing The Skin: Oil For Your Body And Honey For Your Face!

One will always start a new day better if you ended the day before with an oil massage for your body and honey for your face! It is like after a period of a couple of days you drank orange juice and had a better feeling, like more energy inside your body and a more satisfied you. Doing things around us and tasks faster and better is the good effect of a better us, more healthier and more energetic. These are the remedies for you to be joyful and really enjoy life at its full parameters!

It is said that a good thing done at the proper time represents a win for you and for your life! If you are doing things right, those things right are going to matter in your life! It is not about getting tired or wasted. It’s about taking care of yourself because you are the only one who can really do it and becoming your own slave means becoming your own God, after all. It will be good to think positive whenever it’s about you and your needs and wishes to become a better you, a better version of yourself or maybe just to take care of your body, the house of your soul as nobody will know as you know what to do best for you.

Every day I am advising myself about my needs, my ultimate needs, my wishes, my desires, my inner utmost desires and only I can know what is best for me or what suits me better than before. I am practicing with my inner spirit meditation like a blessing moment not like something I am supposed to do. I will put this to the side of my loneliness, though I truly believe my secret revealed to you will represent a point in plus for you. It is like finding what to do without even knowing.

It’s a game of give and take, of losing you into the world and gaining yourself by touching your body with the finest oils and a spoon of honey on your face. Every day, every one of us is giving herself or himself to the world and it never is an easy thing to do. So, I believe in the end of the day you only maybe have to take care of your little and fragile body, to apply an oil made of the wonderful plants existing in the nature and just put a little honey on your face to remember how sweet the taste is and how protected you may feel because of a bee. You will face a much easier situation not at all pleasant when a bee will want to sting you because you may represent a flower or to remember her you wear the perfume of a flower. Sometimes, a bee will want to pollinate you just because. In that situation, maybe you will understand to run away in order to protect yourself. What about your body? How will you protect your body against cold temperature or against freezing when hiking?

I remained at the idea that only you are the path to yourself, when at the end of the day everybody is turning their back on you. In these moments, treat yourself with attention and care, with love and kindness, with friendship and tenderness. Treat yourself heavenly and nothing else matters!

I will present to you the true benefits of the oils, beginning with the traditional oil for cooking. Did you know that oils are pressed on cold to protect the aliments you are eating? Imagine you are applying that oil on your body to nourishing the skin of your body. It is called Vitamin E and it is gained from the sun-flower seeds or from the grape seed or maybe from corn seeds. Nowadays, there are many oils because people dare to have them, to produce them. So, do not be afraid to use them. It’s up to you the kind you choose to use, but the good news is they exist on a shelf from a shop. Nothing much easier than buying it!

I may be convinced that there is a God who by miracle created everything before us and our only duty is to discover the world, the nature, the beauty of surroundings and to give them a chance to heal us. There is a saying that goes along: ‘Good guards guard bad danger’. Once you know what is bad, guard yourself by danger. It became easier to say and harder to do because there are good habits and bad habits and nobody wants to give a chance to feel and taste more. A bad custom or a bad routine can be very hard to break when you believe it represents all you can be or all you can have or nothing more. A bad habit can be nothing more when you are all you can be.

Sometimes, you are more than taking care of the others and I am telling these words to the ones I love every time I see them and they forget in an instant. So, do not take this piece of advice like a moment of care for your body. It is time to get to action, to have a bath and a massage so your skin not to suffer, to get wasted, to get fattening and rough to the touch. You will feel older and maybe wasted and you will tell yourself that it is not a big problem. In fact, you are not helping nature to help you. You are becoming ignorant and not loving yourself anymore. Your skin is made up of cells and they need your help to make them become more hydrated with water and oils and honey.

The benefits of oils are many and even you know by reading or hearing, the time has come for you to discover it, to feel it. So, get back to your home, close the dogs and the cats in another room because they will fill your body with the hair-dog or cat-dog and pour any oil you have at home. Most of all, think at these benefits the oil will have to your body:

Moisturizing The Skin Of Your Body !

Nourishing The Skin Of Your Body !

Helping The Cell To Recover !

Helping The New Cells Of Your Skin !

Helping You Enjoy The Evening !

Helping You Have A Good Night Sleep !

Helping You Facing A New Day !

Helping You Smiling More !

Helping You Recover In Time !

Helping You Tell About It !

Helping You To Dare More !

Helping You Facing New Situations !

Helping You Becoming A Better Version Of Yourself !

You will have in time all these feelings and thoughts only if you are going to think about them. Many psychologists are saying that you are the result or your actions and nevertheless thoughts. Many of us are forgetting about these words because society is a world full of functions and tasks and duties and many obligations when it comes to rights and pleasures.

Have my piece as advice as a motor of your actions, not just like a thing to do, sooner or later!

When I was a little girl, my mother used to put on her face another kind of oil, an oil bursting from a viola. It was Vitamin A! She did not use to do it very often, but the moment she applied that oil, coming from a viola, her face got brighter and brighter. Since then, I have tried myself with many oils and many kinds of honey and now I am always ready to confront any situation, a fire situation because there are times when society makes us feel small and there is no other time to confront the fire alarm. My point of view was about having confidence in yourselves, no matter what.

The point is that when you are ready, everything becomes easier to face, to confront, to deal with and the power is always yours. The power to help yourself become better, not to destroy yourself by not doing a thing for your health, body, mind and spirit. And if you only think there is power only in a Vitamin E or A, contained by a body oil. Sometimes, you do not know, but now you know and it is up to you to do it, meaning to take care of yourself and your dearest ones.

My last experience I faced was with a man, having his hands cracked, very dried, to whom I offered myself to buy a viola of oil. It was not a hard thing to do, but I know he appreciated a lot after that. It is always about your perspective towards the world and most of all towards yourself.

A good deed will always have its reward ! After, it remains a matter of will and power because you can !


Whenever I am thinking about rice, I am laughing and telling myself to not be greedy because rice is plenty. Rice is another discovery of the human people like any other plants existing on Earth in different geographic locations. They all had existed, but people when referring to a date, a precise date in time, the first documents about rice were written many years ago.

In the present time, we are making references through many indicators, such as geographic and historical, because rice was first cultivated in China and in India, but when it comes to remember the year, we begin to feel old as maybe rice feels about it. So, 2500 years before Jesus Christ, rice had helped us to get fed because God created it and for this reason rice is a blessing like any other creature or plant.

Rice is by far one of the greatest discoveries of humanity and since then people had found many ways for using it and beside the water rice for our face, specialists had made extracts from it and presently we may find on the market, physical and online, rice cream, rice oil and rice moisture.

Any extract of rice has good benefits for wrinkles and for whitening the skin of our face and of our body. It, also, creates collagen and rice put in water creates a good mucilage for the stomach, skin and nourishing the skin with its nutritious ingredients.

If you look at a grain of rice, you will notice its fine texture, and rice flour is very well known for whitening the skin. Before powder was created, rice flour was used by geishas, japanese people and dynasty spies to hide from acquaintances or other enemies. It was an old custom which describes the capacity of people to find different ways to hide, to make-up or to get lost in the crowd of people.

About how I came to introduce rice in my diet is a long story, of course. absolutely everything has a story and a beginning. One morning, I noticed my sister drinking a glass of water, which had a pile of rice in the bottom. Then he washed his face with water from another glass. I asked her about her habit and then I understood why her skin was becoming whiter and more beautiful. The pores had closed and the rice flour had softened the skin quite obviously.

The properties of rice can be appreciated and known only after the rice has been consumed or used externally. It is important that it is not missing from the diet and if at the beginning of the article we mentioned about people’s greed, I will also ask you to make sure that the rice is not missing from your diet, but without becoming greedy. To use does not mean to throw away, it does not mean to abuse your body but only to use it as a useful, rarely good and nourishing medicine.

Since then, I had done my research about the rice and few of them I had presented to you in the beginning of the article.

There are many videos on many communication channels and many tutorials where you are presenting recipes and masks for your face and body, because your body is also an important part of yourself which has to be treated as well as your skin face. So, try to take your time and become a right consciousness to every part of your body. Becoming self – aware, even if it is not so cozy and comfortable, will be in the end a good thing to do for yourself and for your dearest ones. Improving is a continual desire of humanity and will never be the right time except now.

Don’t worry if you haven’t done things right so far. No one knows how to do them, but it’s time to appreciate the diversity of possibilities around you, because humanity has encountered throughout history many shortcomings, roaming the planet to know it, to explore it. Let’s think that everything takes our time and energy and it is good that once known we use the right plants and herbs because it is a cure for diseases and fragile health.

Rice today is the cereal that feeds humanity in the greatest proportion, after the sugar cane and corn and humanity keeps going ahead. It is a good point of view and a good reference to do, after the specialists got to this conclusion, also.

There are many studies regarding the rice as people continue to become bewildered in front of the Earth’s plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables and they will never stop transforming these products coming from the ground. I do not know if it is a good thing to transform in any situation, that’s why I will always refer to my sister’s story. Trying to use the rice grains to gain health and beauty is my secret, my piece of advice.

There is in human kind the idea of helping the others and I truly believe it is an explanation of the final results of the rice grains. We are living faster and faster and the society is making you readjust to the technology and getting specialized. Becoming a person who knows, who can tell the difference, who can find proper ways to help people takes time and patience and for these reasons, people forgot about their needs, trying to reach somebody else’s needs and wants. It is about becoming a connoisseur in the field and not about taking care of yourself more about knowing the problems of the others. So, in this century people had to learn to sacrifice their time for the others.

In this manner, the specialists came to a conclusion: let’s help the people by giving the final product so not to waste time. A rice cream can be applied faster and women shall not lose their time more than when applying it. The way you are going to help yourself is up to you, nevertheless.

I believe it is important to know we may adopt both alternatives, being natural as a grain of rice or becoming helped by a rice cream in time. It is up to you to get reconciled with your time, your actions, your body needs and your spiritual food. It is good to have another meeting with God’s creation, after you had a meeting at your office. To touch and taste the rice or to prepare rice water and your mucilage is like you are having an encounter with God’s creation and it is good for you not to forget what a grain hides or produces in yourself.

Praying before you stand in front of your rice, your meals, your food upon the table all by yourself or with the entire family or the dearest ones will always be a good thing to do.

Revelation after praying moments will touch your body and spirit and your mind will be thinking more about the sense of life, about what matters, about how God let you play with other great elements on Earth.

Many people used to count the rice grains so to know how many days passed away from the last encounter and to teach their children to count using the rice grains. I believe, nevertheless, it will be better to think about it, just use this method so your children can touch and feel the rice. When we were created it took almost 2500 years to find the rice, to discover this miracle grain and even to remember it. Even if it is not an equation, things not seen are easy to forget so pay attention to the following Confucian philosophy, repetition is the mother of learning. Once you understand to repeat the good actions are a life matter.

Now, I should invite you to repeat the benefits of rice for your skin:










I also want to let you know about a movie, ‘Songs of rice’. The film begins in Thailand, where rice represents the premise of each feast. Small ponder at that point that the edit is lauded in numerous ways. In this expressive film, the rice cycle is given a melodic backup – from the minute the edit is planted in perpetual, wet areas underneath marvelous cloudy skies until the cooked rice is shared out in temples. A noteworthy portion of the film is committed to the gathering celebrations, at which men race on bulls and set off tremendous (and possibly dangerous) hand crafted firecrackers, and ladies swathed in shining, colourful textures and headpieces move enchantingly to trancelike, drawn-out beats. There are tunes lauding the qualities of rice, tunes almost gathering and planning it – a few basic, a few went with by a rich film clip. And there are minutes when the pace loosens – actually – when the pictures talk for themselves, in moderate movement, and tell a story of deep – rooted conventions and liking with the arrival that produces this celebrated food.

Plants and Their Fruits Benefits – Healthy Skin

When I was a child, the energy to move towards the world and the thirst for knowledge was enough to be a morning person. The habit was to drink a glass of milk and eat a slice of toast with butter. My mother turned on the radio and then took a quick shower. The sound of water in the bathroom helps me wake up even better. Before I went to school, then to college, my mother used to hug me and kiss me very warmly and tenderly and it was enough to start the day better, with a strong tone.

Referring to my present life, I believe the appetite to start a new day differs from one person to another depending on age, life experience, the people we have with us. When you’re a woman or a 35-year-old man living alone, things change. Nobody helps you wake up and you don’t hear other voices in the house where you live now as a mature and responsible person. It’s all up to you, a clock alarm and a radio in a hurry may represent the only stand-up actions. After a while, you will certainly think of other ways or incentives to help yourself pointing out a new day.

As a woman, I believe I have the right to create my life like a heaven on Earth, taking care of my senses and to appeal to many ideas to bring my senses to life sooner, faster and more pleasantly.

I will also like to ask you to think at your connections with the material world and to think of all the plants, herbs, fruits that may help your senses to come to life as smooth and natural as you can because we are changing in time becoming more and more used to the world surrounding us and it will always be a good idea to change your good customs with other good ones.

Recently, I experienced the phases of my body in winter, spring, summer and autumn because I got to the conclusion I have different needs and expectations and my moods are changing as soon as another season comes into my life. We are weather controlled, nevertheless, and once you make the connection, you are on the right path.

In summer, I experienced a feeling of openness to a bright day after a shower, a cup of coffee and a cucumber and I said to myself ‘What a wonderful world!’. Incredible! After listening to some great songs on the radio for years and for hours on end, I got to the point when I cheerful myself with these songs and the winter is so far and my body is easy to walk almost as my spirit is. No at muffle !

In autumn, I tasted the juices of the season and I climbed the morning almost rolling through the hours of the day. Resolve the day with vitamins and choose not to become the leaf other walks on !

In winter, I needed to spice my life with a cream having the smell of the coffee beans and sometimes I alternated the freshness with one having the perfume of an orange fruit. I also felt the need to put cinnamon into my cup of coffee and the darkness of the earliest hours of the morning become easier to pull through. All alone and ready to face the world !

I will not step any further without reminding you or letting you know about the wonderful benefits of the coffee beans. You may know the story about who discovered these round buttons full of natural energy. I do not know how many of you know it though I believe it will be a pleasure to remember it.

The story is based on true facts and the history of coffee had begun 6 centuries ago. It seems to have passed 600 years so the discovery had taken place in the 15th century in the Sufi monasteries of Yemen. Coffee was to begin with devoured within the Islamic world where it began and was specifically related to devout homes. For illustration, coffee helped its buyers quick within the day and stayed awake during the night, amid the Muslim celebration of Ramadan.

The first creatures who had eaten the magic potion were the goats even more time ago and if it hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have told. The facts had told us that an Ethiopian goat-herder, Kaldi, who, observing the energizing impacts when his run snacked on the shining ruddy berries of a certain bush, chewed on the natural product himself. His elation provoked him to bring the berries to a friar in a nearby religious community. But the minister opposed their utilization and tossed them into the fire, from which a luring smell surged, causing other friars to come and examine. The roasted beans were rapidly raked from the ashes, ground up, and dissolved in hot water, yielding the world’s first cup of coffee.

It had been found that among its incredible effects was ‘that it drove away fatigue and lethargy, and brought to the body a certain sprightliness and vigour.’

Considering the benefits of the coffee bean extract for your skin, the one I had learned to appreciate the most is improving the blood circulation, accelerating our peripheral blood circulation. For the cold days, this effect of the coffee bean extract is a blessing from nature, from God !

Plants and their fruits have their benefits and they are well known for these and I got to the clue it’s even more important to have another try, another guess after you used them. Do not forget to take your time to actually become aware !

Other benefits I feel the need to mention about the coffee bean extract – as there are many in there, in the coffee beans – are the following :



Keep always in your mind that you may also adore the smell of the coffee beans because in fact will make your senses more alive, more true, more opened to the world. It helped me recover from periods of sadness and did not let me get lost between the pillows of my bed, covered all with a blanket into the darkness of my tiredness and loneliness.

I mentioned in the title of the article another remedy for cold days, long hours of darkness, lack of natural light and a body like a battery discharged at the end of the year: orange fruit.

The orange fruit found in a cream, an oil or a moisture will certainly bring moments of sensations, of energy, of smell and joyfulness.

In winters, beside a hot cup of coffee, I chose the perfect cream for my body, the one containing orange extract. I believe there is a connection between the association of the colors with our mind and soul spirit. Orange is one of my favorite colors and expresses energy, being very well known that helps children and students and the workaholic ones to remain awake for hours on end.

Cancer prevention agents or the antioxidants found in oranges battle free radicals which may moderate down the generation of wrinkles, and halt untimely maturing. Oranges have a tall substance of citric corrosive which helps in skin peeling and makes a difference to dry out skin break out, moving forward the by and large see of your skin.

Orange extricate includes a delicate astringent property that makes a difference to diminish acne-prone skin. It’s delicate and decreases tingling and disturbance whereas too decreasing the skin breaks out and anticipates scarring. Orange oil can too rectify the oil adjust of the skin.


Orange juice positions to begin with because it could be a wealthy source of Vitamin C, and anything which is wealthy in Vitamin C is ordinarily extraordinary to help the skin tone. It is compelling, takes care of tanning, clogged pores and gives a reasonable and brilliant skin. Oranges too retain the earth and oil which makes skin see tired and gloomy.

Maybe it is not about ‘How long does Pure Orange Extract last’, although as a matter of knowledge, I found that it may last between 3 to 4 years. Well, this article is not about preparing the jars with orange jam or duct. [Ha! ha!]

My last idea is you should always have in mind to preparing juices, compote, jelly and even moisture, creams and oils from all the fruits you have on the market, especially the one appropriate to the season you found yourself, even we, long time ago, began to appreciate what is exotic and far away.

May the fruit traders bring us more exotic fruits and coffee beans to roast at your place for the lovely purpose of beginning the day with a cup of coffee, the so – called magic potion of energy and good mood.

Pumpkin Benefits for Skin – Face Moisturizer – Berrysoft Review


Pumpkin, by the way, do you happen to know that a pumpkin is good not only for food but also is used as an extract base for oils, creams, and other moisture?

Once again, I was an eye-witness, in the role of a viewer, watching a TV show about the benefits of a pumpkin, and like always I was bewildered about the information I got about it. I am not allowed to advertise, but you can switch the channels all by yourself.

In my country, pumpkin is on the market at the end of autumn – beginning of winter, close to Halloween’s Day, on the 31st of October and it never was a secret that a pumpkin is good in pies or made in an oven, served with a crust to remember.

Anyway, watching that TV show I learned much more about the pumpkin and it helped me a lot after I got the chance to move in a place, all by myself, alone and not so helped by a wonderful grandmother or a beautiful mother. I began in this manner to chop it all alone, like a hunter who is splitting her hunt for the first time. I enjoyed it because nobody stopped me and as a good manager of my household I actually did not throw away anything, not even its seeds, a medicine for the body. A pumpkin’s seeds are good to be eaten raw or with salt, roasted.

Pie, pie, American pie! Even though it is well known the American pie with crumbles and cream on the top of it, I love the pumpkin pie, stung with a fork. I also adore the pie with nuts, like a nut person!

The pumpkin peel is good, only when you prefer the roasted pumpkin, having honey on it, and brown sugar.

Is Pumpkin Guts Good For Your Skin

Whenever I have the chance to write about the extract of the fruit, a vegetable, or a herb, maybe, it is almost impossible to not refer myself to some of my ways of eating it.

By the way, do you happen to know the etymology of the word pumpkin? After all, we are not pigs to eat without wondering. We are thinkers and we aspire to the stars! We are eating food, not words, but we are users of language, of communication and almost everything that exists has a name to mention it. We may sometimes use our finger to point it out because it’s not impolite when we are trying to put the word on it. When it comes to people, things are getting harder nowadays and the claims are not so easy to accomplish. Anyways, try not to show offense and try instead to breathe and have some fresh air!

People were good learners of their mother – tongue and many similar words were used to name the thing, for describing it best. It seems the word pumpkin is coming from the Greek word pepon (πέπων) and it means “melon.”

I like most the American provenance because it was being translated in this way, ‘grows fourth round’.So, it grew to become round. I would complete ‘big and round’, because the apples are small, but still round. Pumpkin is nevertheless big and round. It’s a big difference!

Regarding the benefits of the pumpkin, try to think of its characteristics, because the color of it determines that it contains beta carotene and this means only one thing Vitamin A.

Nutrients Bought Inside Your Body And On Your Body By A Pumpkin

I have never understood the calculus of 100 grams of something so nutritious and delicious as a pumpkin. I do not believe it may be a limitation or a doctor to ban you from consuming pumpkins.

It is very important, anyway, to find out that a pumpkin may provide you a nourishment vitality and it is a great source (20% or more the Everyday Esteem) of provitamin A beta-carotene and vitamin A. Vitamin C is shown in direct substance (11% DV).

Pumpkin is 92% water, 6.5% carbohydrate, 0.1% fat, and 1% protein. Imagine its benefits are doubled owing to the fact you are not only consuming it, but you are also taking care of your skin body. It has great importance and a huge help for the cells of your skin. It is never too late to remember you are your own slave, your first doctor. Understanding it will count for your health and for the health and happiness of your dearest ones.

What About The Seeds Of A Pumpkin? Which Are Their Benefits?

Pumpkin seed oil, a thick oil squeezed from roasted pumpkin seeds, shows up ruddy or green in color depending on the oil layer thickness, holder properties and tint move of the observer’s vision. When utilized for cooking or as a serving of mixed greens dressing, the pumpkin seed oil is for the most part blended with other oils since of its strong flavor. The pumpkin seed oil contains greasy acids, such as oleic corrosive and alpha-linolenic corrosive.

Never Forget To Use The Pumpkin Seed Oil For Your Skin Body! The Benefits Will Be Great And The Feeling Will Be Even Greater!!

What a pumpkin may do for your skin, if you only give it a chance, it is absolutely remarkable and you can not think of not giving the pumpkin a chance.

So, please read about the benefits of pumpkin every time you get the chance to walk by a cosmetics shop and on the shelf you find a pumpkin cream for the body of your skin. The moment may be kind of unique because the pumpkin cream is a rare thing to find. Do not lose the chance to buy it and always think about your relatives!


Well, Pumpkin, pumpkin cream contains vitamin A, C, and E, and cancer prevention agents, which offer assistance to battle sun harm and wrinkles. It moreover has natural product proteins that offer assistance actually exfoliate dead skin cells. At long last, it contains zinc and potassium to combat redness. Nectar locks in dampness to keep your skin stout and gleaming.

Minerals are very important for your body and for the skin of your body. There are not many ingredients in the cream, containing zinc and potassium to combat redness.

Vitamin C is a fundamental supplement included within the repair of tissue and the enzymatic generation of certain neurotransmitters.

Vitamin E is also very important for your skin and it offers protection against the Ultraviolet and helps your wrinkles.

Is Pumpkin Good For Your Face?

Pumpkin could be a good source of vitamin C which may be an effective antioxidant that additionally contains beta-carotene which makes a difference to switch UV harm and progress skin surface. It makes a difference to advance the generation of collagen, hence moving forward your skin tone and flexibility.

Is Pumpkin Good For Pigmentation?

Pumpkin is an amazing source of wealthy minerals counting copper and zinc. Copper plays a major part in melanin generation. Melanin could be a color that we all know as well can lead to hyperpigmentation, brown spots or age spots. Pumpkin makes a difference blur brown spots cleared out behind by skin break out and sun harm.

Does Pumpkin Exfoliate?

“Pumpkin is wealthy in alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which offer assistance to exfoliate and reestablish the skin,” Joshua Zeichner, a board-certified dermatologist at Mount Sinai Healing center in Modern York City, tells Appeal. “It moreover contains tall levels of cancer prevention agents like lycopene, which secure the skin from free radical harm.”

Can We Apply Pumpkin Juice On Face?

Pumpkin juice for confrontation is exceptionally compelling because it is rich in vitamin C and E which makes the skin radiant and gleaming. You’ll be able to apply pumpkin juice on your skin a few times and after that wash off. You’ll be able to drink its juice.

I always like to mention that you have many alternatives or possibilities when it comes to vegetables found in nature. You can try it naturally, by consuming or making a mask for your face, even eating it, or you may buy a cream for the beauty of your skin and other many amazing effects.

Try to stay true to yourself even if you may look scary with a pumpkin mask on your face!

Put a sign on your door if it is always a person who wants to have you around:

Later, guys! Now, I am busy!

So, you do not want to take other risky situations or have a special guest into your room at that particular moment. After all, it’s about your image toward others! Hang an informative note on the door handle! This is going to work for sure!

I Can Bet You Are Ready To Make A Pumpkin Cream Mask!

Follow the steps I put for you or the slight recommendations upon my favorite subject – matter, the pumpkin cream.

  1. Puree the pumpkin in a nourishment processor until smooth.
  2. Include in egg, nectar, and apple cider vinegar and blend.






How To Hidrate Your Skin Home Remedies | Tips by BerrySoft

Whenever it is getting cold outside, people are thinking of a best way to hydrate body as many of us are facing problems of dry skin, especially our hands, our face as these parts of our body are exposed to the cold weather.

Maybe you’ve been heard many times on the TV channels or some of you have read about in the magazines about the unpleasant effects of the cold temperature against our skin and maybe some of you decided to do something about it, beside drinking more water or having more showers or just eating a fatty food. 

It is true that sometimes you are not having enough time or energy to apply the cream to your body every day, but it is important to have your favorite kind of cream in your bag just to put some on your face and your hands before leaving home.

So, I will invite you to holiday these days for a proper cream, having in mind that you will have to find that kind of cream perfect for the skin of your face and also for your hands. I do not think it’s going to be so hard if you have in mind the following remarks or suggestions or good advices for you and your dearest ones.

How to hydrate your skin naturally

  1. My first tips to you regarding how to hydrate skin without breaking out is to have into consideration the type of your skin just to know what you are looking any further, an best moisturizer for dry face or one more hydrated because if you have a dry skin you will need an oily cream and in the same manner if you are looking yourself in a mirror and your skin is fat you will certainly need a watery cream. In any two of the cases, you will need a proper cream because anytime you say ‘best moisturizer for winter’, our hands are becoming more unpleasant to touch and feel.
  2. My second advice to you is to pick a hydration cream for dry skin with vitamins and if you are a fruits and vegetables consumer is even better for you. After I payed a visit to the naturist shop, the seller who was a woman told me to try some vitamins for my skin, such as Vitamin A. By using Vitamin A, your skin will get brighter and brighter and any person with a dry skin will become grateful to this secret. 

How to hydrate skin from the inside

Try to choose a moisturizer cream for oily skin with vitamins or put vitamins in your best moisturizer for dehydrated skin and your skin will get younger and more healthy. Beauty means to everyone health !

  1. My third precious advice for you is to add into your cream a vial of hyaluronic acid. The benefits of hyaluronic acid are well known between people:
  • Skin hydration – keeps your skin moisturised and radiant.
  • Anti-wrinkle properties – due to its capacity to retain large amounts of water, skin stays moisturised and helps to prevent the development of wrinkles, and fills in already present wrinkles to reduce their appearance. And you happen to know why? Well, HA is a Powerful Humectant. 
  • Skin aging is also associated with loss of skin moisture. The key molecule involved in skin moisture is hyaluronan or hyaluronic acid (HA), a glycosaminoglycan (GAG) with a unique capacity to bind and retain water molecules. HA belongs to the extracellular matrix (ECM) molecules. During the past decades the constituents of the skin have been well characterized and the final conclusion is as it follows and I should write this statement with uppercases:

How to hydrate aging skin – hyaluronic acid

  • I made my own research about hyaluronic acid and I need to share with you other more important findings. So, have these lines as a bonus of knowledge coming from a scientific point of view. Biological function of HA

Over the past 2 decades there was considerable evidence presented that unraveled the functional role of HA in molecular mechanisms and indicated the potential role of HA for the development of novel therapeutic strategies for many diseases.

Functions of HA include the following: hydration, lubrication of joints, a space filling capacity, and the framework through which cells migrate.The synthesis of HA increases during tissue injury and wound healing and HA regulates several aspects of tissue repair, including activation of inflammatory cells to enhance immune response and the response to injury of fibroblasts and epithelial cells. HA also provides the framework for blood vessel formation and fibroblast migration, that may be involved in tumor progression. The correlation of HA levels on the cell surface of cancer cells with the aggressiveness of tumors has also been reported.

How to keep skin hydrated throughout the day

  1. My fourth strong advice for you is to alternate the creams if you do not find the magic cream containing all the ingredients to actually feed your holly skin. Your body is the house of your soul and it’s important for you to treat yourself heavenly.

Any person becomes very loyal to a certain product once he got to use it and sometimes when your skin really need it, you will buy it forever because it works well for you. This is not true for long-time period, and the advice of the specialist is to once in a while make a change. Changes are welcome in a world full of options and a better tomorrow. Things are improving and people are getting closer to perfection. 

Do not get stuck to a product, only, because your skin is very complex and after using one with vitamins, you will need another one with milk, honey or just Vitamin E.

I mentioned earlier about hyaluronic acid and it is obvious you will have a viola of serum separately at you to carry on in your bag as it’s very light. [ha!ha!ha!] and if you just add it into your cream, you will be the best version of yourself! It is not an easy tips! Grab it and make it all yours!

  1. My fifth tips for you as I have my mind to gods and goddess and I may fully appreciate the nature’s treasures, I will point you another goldy ingredient, honey. A cream with honey will bring you many advantages and very well appreciated.

Benefits of Honey on the Skin

  • It’s extremely moisturizing and hydrates even the driest of skin. Honey is naturally soothing and has healing properties (it was traditionally used on wounds to aid healing!). It also nourishes damaged skin to fade scars (like those pesky acne scars!). 
  • Honey helps open the pores, helping clear away dirt. Because honey is antibacterial, it is very effective in the prevention and treatment of acne. Honey also moisturizes the skin and is actually drawing moisture to the skin. If you want glowing skin, milk and honey are a perfect combination to use. 
  • Honey is very important for your skin because its first help to you is to feed your skin with all the nutrients there are in honey, the fruit of bees. Do you happen to know what specialist say about the nutrients exist in honey? Well, here I will mention for you because once you know, you will actually want to have it and to become one with the honey. 

Тhеrе аrе оvеr 300 ѕubѕtаnсеѕ fоund іn hоnеу, whісh fаvоrаblу аffесt thе mеtаbоlіс рrосеѕѕеѕ іn thе bоdу.

Іf уоu nееd mоrе dеtаіlеd іnfоrmаtіоn, hеrе іѕ а соmрrеhеnѕіvе lіѕt оf hоnеу іngrеdіеntѕ.

Іt соntаіnѕ: 

  •    ѕugаrѕ – 38% fruсtоѕе, 31% gluсоѕе, 5% dехtrіn аnd 1.5-3% ѕuсrоѕе; 
  •     0.1 tо 2.3% рrоtеіn, 
  •     0.1-0.2% mіnеrаl ѕubѕtаnсеѕ; 
  •     0.003 tо 0.2% ѕаltѕ оf оrgаnіс асіdѕ (mаlіс, lасtіс, оf ѕоrrеl, сіtrіс аnd tаrtаrіс); 
  •   аlmоѕt аll knоwn nаturаllу trасе еlеmеntѕ (іrоn, рhоѕрhоrіс, mаgnеѕіum, саlсіum, сорреr, ѕulfur, роtаѕѕіum, соbаlt, gеrmаnіum, gоld, еtс.); 
  •   еnzуmеѕ – ѕubѕtаnсеѕ thаt іn vеrу ѕmаll quаntіtіеѕ ѕіgnіfісаntlу ассеlеrаtе thе рrосеѕѕеѕ оf mеtаbоlіѕm (іnvеrtаѕе, dіаѕtаѕе, аmуlаѕе, рhоѕрhаtаѕе, еtс.) 

 іn ѕmаll аmоuntѕ оf vіtаmіnѕ (В1, В2, В3, В5, В6, Н, К, С , Е, РР, рrоvіtаmіn А); 

  •  аntіbасtеrіаl, аntіfungаl аnd аntі-dіаbеtіс, hоrmоnаl, аrоmаtіс, соlоrіng аnd еtс. ѕubѕtаnсеѕ; 
  •  сеrtаіn bіоgеnіс ѕtіmulаtоrѕ, whісh іnсrеаѕе thе lіfе оf thе оrgаnіѕm, аѕ wеll аѕ tо 18-20% wаtеr. 

And if it is that day when you find nowhere a cream with honey, I believe it’s is a good idea to have a mask on your face and it’s even more helpful and efficient. Yeah! That’s the whole idea: 


I truly believe I have almost convinced you to go and shop a cream because you have to become very well prepared on the cold season. So, if you like your cream to have a nice perfume in it or not it will be your choice, nevertheless, but keep in your view to have other more ingredients such as vitamins, hyaluronic acid or maybe just honey will be enough for your skin.

Maybe it won’t be a bad idea to let you know that your relatives and your friends will need your advice as well after you will read about the benefits of using a fine cream in the cold season and I was just asking youself: Why don’t you just buy another one for them and trying to be a good example in their eyes and make the meeting with them a moment to remember this season? Well, this could be a could idea and a pleasant surprise, isn’t it?

Good luck with your choices, fellows!

Best Healing Ointment For Face – Best Skin Healing Cream For Face

           While the cream is a preparation of a medication for usual use that contains a water base, well, an ointment is a preparation of a medication for unrestrictionable use that contains an oil base. It is a preparation of water in oil. The ointment is viscous — in other words, it’s somewhere between a solid and a liquid, with a slippery, oily texture. Some medications come in an ointment form, while other ointments might be lip balm, a moisturizer for dry skin, or even cosmetic. The Old French alignment came from the Latin unguentum, from the stem unguere, “to anoint or salve.” In other words, while ointments have a higher concentration of oil, creams have a higher concentration of water.

            Many people are choosing to apply a cream on their body and face, especially when going in vacation and they want to spend their time away from their tasks by having their free days upon the burning sun and salty water.

            The process of wound healing, including burn wounds, can be divided into three phases; inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling. The healing process of a burn wounds involves one of the key components in the wound healing phase, which is the formation of collagen. Collagen is the most found protein in human tissues, including in the skin. Collagen also helps the hemostatic process, interacts with thrombocytes and fibronectin, and accelerates the cellular components and growth factor.

            Skin burn is a health problem that needs fast and accurate treatment if you do not anticipate the danger with an extra cream applied before you will want to enjoy the hot weather and the benefits of the sun – it is well known that the sun is fixing the calcium into human bones, keeping them stronger and healthier -. The cold temperature and the freezing day shall also make them use more and more cream for hydration and beauty. Always keep in mind that it’s better to prevent the damage of your skin than trying to repair it and after all this trying to look beautiful.

            In this article, I want to present to you the smooth feeling of using ointments of any kind because they are all blessed for everyone’s skin and you will always find them in a small package comparing to creams. The reason why is very simple to find: ointments are a source of health, of any kind you will find them and decide to use them.

            God once said to us all, but still so few payed attention to him and the message was to try to heal your wounds, physical or spiritual, by using as medicine all the plants we will need to in order to get well, in order to magnify our believes because, in the end, we have to change our bad customs into good ones starting with the essence of a leaf, a plant or maybe a beautiful rose. It is about letting nature to interfere in ourselves beginning with our skin and ointments are today giving a big help to medicine as many plants if not almost all the plants from the Earth were used to gain benefits from the people all over the world and it’s wonderful.

            There are many ointments having been made from plants unknown by us because we are living on different continents with a specific climate and nature. With a great help from the internet, nowadays we may have access to some ointments which in the past they were almost impossible to find or to get. Ayurvedic medicine is being accesed by many people as Ayurvedic medicine (“Ayurveda” for short) is one of the world’s oldest holistic (“whole-body”) healing systems. It was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India. It’s based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

            Why ointments are bringing more benefits than creams are?

            Whenever ointments are applied they are taken into (absorbed into) your skin. They then move deeper into areas of the body where there is inflammation (for example, your muscle). They relieve pain and reduce swelling affecting joints and muscles when rubbed into the skin over the affected area. So, ointments are used for medicinal purposes and they can speed up healing!

            Metabolites of plants used in ointments that function as medicine

            To your knowledge and as an example, there are metabolites such as flavonoid, saponin, tannin, and ascorbic acid.  Do you ever think about these names and where are they come from and, most of all, how can they help your body?

            1. Flavonoid has the ability to be an antioxidant that can reduce free radicals. The antioxidant will bond with free radicals that damage cell membranes, making the cells unable to function perfectly. With this bond, damages in the cell membranes can be reduced and the proliferation phase in wound healing can occur expectedly well.

            Flavonoids can also function as a destroyer of microbes, especially Gram-negative bacteria. Flavonoid has a mechanism as an anti-bacterium by forming complex compounds with dissolved and extracellular proteins that can damage bacteria’s cell wall, which is followed by the release of intracellular compounds.

            2. Saponin can increase the proliferation of monocytes which eventually will increase the number of macrophages that secrete the growth factor which is crucial for the wound healing process. Saponin can also fasten the migration process of keratinocytes which have an important role in the process of reepithelialization.

            3. Tannin in the Madeira vine leaves functions as an astringent that can cause skin pores to shrink and stop exudates and mild bleeding, causing wound to close and preventing bleeding on the wound. Tannin and saponin have a role in the migration and proliferation of fibroblasts in wound, making wound contract faster.

            4. Ascorbic acid is important in activating prolyl hydroxylase that supports the hydroxylation stage in collagen deposition.

            You have just read about what you have to do to keep your skin healthier than ever and consciously to participate to your health because there is a saying that goes like this:


            Furthermore, I want to explain to you what are the benefits of grape seeds in an ointment.

            Grapes are one of the foremost profoundly devoured natural products over the world. In old Europe the clears out and the sap of grape plants has been utilized in conventional treatment for ages.            

Other than being a wellspring for vitamins and fiber, the skin and seeds of grapes are profoundly wealthy in Polyphenols particularly proanthocyanidins, which can be utilized as a utilitarian fixing to address different wellbeing issues by boosting the characteristic bio-processes of the body.

Since grape seeds are by item of winemaking companies in this manner can be effortlessly obtained. The display survey article briefly depicts the different pharmacological exercises of grape seed extricate and diverse exploratory considers were done which underpins the advantageous wellbeing qualities of the extricate.

Through distinctive and different things about, it was demonstrated that the proanthocyanidin wealthy grape seed extricate gives benefits against numerous infections i.e. aggravation, cardiovascular infection, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, peptic ulcer, microbial infection. In this manner, next to from utilizing it as a nutraceutical or cosmeceutical, as a result, they may have the potential to substitute or complement in right now utilized drugs within the treatment of infections by creating it into other effective pharmaceutical definitions for way better future planned.         

 The skin may be a boundary against natural components and losing parts of it can cause disability or indeed passing. Wound recuperating may be a complex and energetic preparation with numerous stages. A few neighborhoods and systemic variables such as age, certain solutions (corticosteroids, anticoagulants, headache medicine), nourishment (protein, vitamins uncommonly A & C, zinc, press), circulation and tissue hypoxia status, localized compounds (anti-microbials, cleaning agents) and wound dressing influence the mending handle. Accomplishing speedier recuperation and less scarring is still one of medicine’s most critical objectives. Additionally, shortening recuperation time is of basic significance since it diminishes the chance of disease and diminishes complications and costs.

I believe I convinced you about the benefits of making practical and effective use of ointments as we shall always referring to plants and plant items for wound mending that incorporates a long history. Particularly in countries like India, China, and Iran that there’s more intrigued in conventional pharmaceutical, profitable data is accessible on utilizing obscure plants for treating wounds (Feringa et al., 2011). In any case, small logical inquire has been done to demonstrate their benefits.

Nowadays, the utilize of different homegrown extricates that have a long history of utilization in conventional medication, has moreover been considered in quickening skin wound mending (Bhatia et al., 2010; Li et al., 2012). Broad thinks about recommend that grape seed extricate has wellbeing benefits in numerous ways as a result of its antioxidant impact.

Be wise people or become ones! Good luck with keeping you safe and sound! What does safe and sound mean?

Well, it means out of danger and unharmed, as life is a challenging climb, so you’ll be relieved to do a good deed for your health by creating good skin cells with the help of only an ointment.