Moisturizing The Skin: Oil For Your Body And Honey For Your Face!

One will always start a new day better if you ended the day before with an oil massage for your body and honey for your face! It is like after a period of a couple of days you drank orange juice and had a better feeling, like more energy inside your body and a more satisfied you. Doing things around us and tasks faster and better is the good effect of a better us, more healthier and more energetic. These are the remedies for you to be joyful and really enjoy life at its full parameters!

It is said that a good thing done at the proper time represents a win for you and for your life! If you are doing things right, those things right are going to matter in your life! It is not about getting tired or wasted. It’s about taking care of yourself because you are the only one who can really do it and becoming your own slave means becoming your own God, after all. It will be good to think positive whenever it’s about you and your needs and wishes to become a better you, a better version of yourself or maybe just to take care of your body, the house of your soul as nobody will know as you know what to do best for you.

Every day I am advising myself about my needs, my ultimate needs, my wishes, my desires, my inner utmost desires and only I can know what is best for me or what suits me better than before. I am practicing with my inner spirit meditation like a blessing moment not like something I am supposed to do. I will put this to the side of my loneliness, though I truly believe my secret revealed to you will represent a point in plus for you. It is like finding what to do without even knowing.

It’s a game of give and take, of losing you into the world and gaining yourself by touching your body with the finest oils and a spoon of honey on your face. Every day, every one of us is giving herself or himself to the world and it never is an easy thing to do. So, I believe in the end of the day you only maybe have to take care of your little and fragile body, to apply an oil made of the wonderful plants existing in the nature and just put a little honey on your face to remember how sweet the taste is and how protected you may feel because of a bee. You will face a much easier situation not at all pleasant when a bee will want to sting you because you may represent a flower or to remember her you wear the perfume of a flower. Sometimes, a bee will want to pollinate you just because. In that situation, maybe you will understand to run away in order to protect yourself. What about your body? How will you protect your body against cold temperature or against freezing when hiking?

I remained at the idea that only you are the path to yourself, when at the end of the day everybody is turning their back on you. In these moments, treat yourself with attention and care, with love and kindness, with friendship and tenderness. Treat yourself heavenly and nothing else matters!

I will present to you the true benefits of the oils, beginning with the traditional oil for cooking. Did you know that oils are pressed on cold to protect the aliments you are eating? Imagine you are applying that oil on your body to nourishing the skin of your body. It is called Vitamin E and it is gained from the sun-flower seeds or from the grape seed or maybe from corn seeds. Nowadays, there are many oils because people dare to have them, to produce them. So, do not be afraid to use them. It’s up to you the kind you choose to use, but the good news is they exist on a shelf from a shop. Nothing much easier than buying it!

I may be convinced that there is a God who by miracle created everything before us and our only duty is to discover the world, the nature, the beauty of surroundings and to give them a chance to heal us. There is a saying that goes along: ‘Good guards guard bad danger’. Once you know what is bad, guard yourself by danger. It became easier to say and harder to do because there are good habits and bad habits and nobody wants to give a chance to feel and taste more. A bad custom or a bad routine can be very hard to break when you believe it represents all you can be or all you can have or nothing more. A bad habit can be nothing more when you are all you can be.

Sometimes, you are more than taking care of the others and I am telling these words to the ones I love every time I see them and they forget in an instant. So, do not take this piece of advice like a moment of care for your body. It is time to get to action, to have a bath and a massage so your skin not to suffer, to get wasted, to get fattening and rough to the touch. You will feel older and maybe wasted and you will tell yourself that it is not a big problem. In fact, you are not helping nature to help you. You are becoming ignorant and not loving yourself anymore. Your skin is made up of cells and they need your help to make them become more hydrated with water and oils and honey.

The benefits of oils are many and even you know by reading or hearing, the time has come for you to discover it, to feel it. So, get back to your home, close the dogs and the cats in another room because they will fill your body with the hair-dog or cat-dog and pour any oil you have at home. Most of all, think at these benefits the oil will have to your body:

Moisturizing The Skin Of Your Body !

Nourishing The Skin Of Your Body !

Helping The Cell To Recover !

Helping The New Cells Of Your Skin !

Helping You Enjoy The Evening !

Helping You Have A Good Night Sleep !

Helping You Facing A New Day !

Helping You Smiling More !

Helping You Recover In Time !

Helping You Tell About It !

Helping You To Dare More !

Helping You Facing New Situations !

Helping You Becoming A Better Version Of Yourself !

You will have in time all these feelings and thoughts only if you are going to think about them. Many psychologists are saying that you are the result or your actions and nevertheless thoughts. Many of us are forgetting about these words because society is a world full of functions and tasks and duties and many obligations when it comes to rights and pleasures.

Have my piece as advice as a motor of your actions, not just like a thing to do, sooner or later!

When I was a little girl, my mother used to put on her face another kind of oil, an oil bursting from a viola. It was Vitamin A! She did not use to do it very often, but the moment she applied that oil, coming from a viola, her face got brighter and brighter. Since then, I have tried myself with many oils and many kinds of honey and now I am always ready to confront any situation, a fire situation because there are times when society makes us feel small and there is no other time to confront the fire alarm. My point of view was about having confidence in yourselves, no matter what.

The point is that when you are ready, everything becomes easier to face, to confront, to deal with and the power is always yours. The power to help yourself become better, not to destroy yourself by not doing a thing for your health, body, mind and spirit. And if you only think there is power only in a Vitamin E or A, contained by a body oil. Sometimes, you do not know, but now you know and it is up to you to do it, meaning to take care of yourself and your dearest ones.

My last experience I faced was with a man, having his hands cracked, very dried, to whom I offered myself to buy a viola of oil. It was not a hard thing to do, but I know he appreciated a lot after that. It is always about your perspective towards the world and most of all towards yourself.

A good deed will always have its reward ! After, it remains a matter of will and power because you can !

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