Best Healing Ointment For Face – Best Skin Healing Cream For Face

           While the cream is a preparation of a medication for usual use that contains a water base, well, an ointment is a preparation of a medication for unrestrictionable use that contains an oil base. It is a preparation of water in oil. The ointment is viscous — in other words, it’s somewhere between a solid and a liquid, with a slippery, oily texture. Some medications come in an ointment form, while other ointments might be lip balm, a moisturizer for dry skin, or even cosmetic. The Old French alignment came from the Latin unguentum, from the stem unguere, “to anoint or salve.” In other words, while ointments have a higher concentration of oil, creams have a higher concentration of water.

            Many people are choosing to apply a cream on their body and face, especially when going in vacation and they want to spend their time away from their tasks by having their free days upon the burning sun and salty water.

            The process of wound healing, including burn wounds, can be divided into three phases; inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling. The healing process of a burn wounds involves one of the key components in the wound healing phase, which is the formation of collagen. Collagen is the most found protein in human tissues, including in the skin. Collagen also helps the hemostatic process, interacts with thrombocytes and fibronectin, and accelerates the cellular components and growth factor.

            Skin burn is a health problem that needs fast and accurate treatment if you do not anticipate the danger with an extra cream applied before you will want to enjoy the hot weather and the benefits of the sun – it is well known that the sun is fixing the calcium into human bones, keeping them stronger and healthier -. The cold temperature and the freezing day shall also make them use more and more cream for hydration and beauty. Always keep in mind that it’s better to prevent the damage of your skin than trying to repair it and after all this trying to look beautiful.

            In this article, I want to present to you the smooth feeling of using ointments of any kind because they are all blessed for everyone’s skin and you will always find them in a small package comparing to creams. The reason why is very simple to find: ointments are a source of health, of any kind you will find them and decide to use them.

            God once said to us all, but still so few payed attention to him and the message was to try to heal your wounds, physical or spiritual, by using as medicine all the plants we will need to in order to get well, in order to magnify our believes because, in the end, we have to change our bad customs into good ones starting with the essence of a leaf, a plant or maybe a beautiful rose. It is about letting nature to interfere in ourselves beginning with our skin and ointments are today giving a big help to medicine as many plants if not almost all the plants from the Earth were used to gain benefits from the people all over the world and it’s wonderful.

            There are many ointments having been made from plants unknown by us because we are living on different continents with a specific climate and nature. With a great help from the internet, nowadays we may have access to some ointments which in the past they were almost impossible to find or to get. Ayurvedic medicine is being accesed by many people as Ayurvedic medicine (“Ayurveda” for short) is one of the world’s oldest holistic (“whole-body”) healing systems. It was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India. It’s based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

            Why ointments are bringing more benefits than creams are?

            Whenever ointments are applied they are taken into (absorbed into) your skin. They then move deeper into areas of the body where there is inflammation (for example, your muscle). They relieve pain and reduce swelling affecting joints and muscles when rubbed into the skin over the affected area. So, ointments are used for medicinal purposes and they can speed up healing!

            Metabolites of plants used in ointments that function as medicine

            To your knowledge and as an example, there are metabolites such as flavonoid, saponin, tannin, and ascorbic acid.  Do you ever think about these names and where are they come from and, most of all, how can they help your body?

            1. Flavonoid has the ability to be an antioxidant that can reduce free radicals. The antioxidant will bond with free radicals that damage cell membranes, making the cells unable to function perfectly. With this bond, damages in the cell membranes can be reduced and the proliferation phase in wound healing can occur expectedly well.

            Flavonoids can also function as a destroyer of microbes, especially Gram-negative bacteria. Flavonoid has a mechanism as an anti-bacterium by forming complex compounds with dissolved and extracellular proteins that can damage bacteria’s cell wall, which is followed by the release of intracellular compounds.

            2. Saponin can increase the proliferation of monocytes which eventually will increase the number of macrophages that secrete the growth factor which is crucial for the wound healing process. Saponin can also fasten the migration process of keratinocytes which have an important role in the process of reepithelialization.

            3. Tannin in the Madeira vine leaves functions as an astringent that can cause skin pores to shrink and stop exudates and mild bleeding, causing wound to close and preventing bleeding on the wound. Tannin and saponin have a role in the migration and proliferation of fibroblasts in wound, making wound contract faster.

            4. Ascorbic acid is important in activating prolyl hydroxylase that supports the hydroxylation stage in collagen deposition.

            You have just read about what you have to do to keep your skin healthier than ever and consciously to participate to your health because there is a saying that goes like this:


            Furthermore, I want to explain to you what are the benefits of grape seeds in an ointment.

            Grapes are one of the foremost profoundly devoured natural products over the world. In old Europe the clears out and the sap of grape plants has been utilized in conventional treatment for ages.            

Other than being a wellspring for vitamins and fiber, the skin and seeds of grapes are profoundly wealthy in Polyphenols particularly proanthocyanidins, which can be utilized as a utilitarian fixing to address different wellbeing issues by boosting the characteristic bio-processes of the body.

Since grape seeds are by item of winemaking companies in this manner can be effortlessly obtained. The display survey article briefly depicts the different pharmacological exercises of grape seed extricate and diverse exploratory considers were done which underpins the advantageous wellbeing qualities of the extricate.

Through distinctive and different things about, it was demonstrated that the proanthocyanidin wealthy grape seed extricate gives benefits against numerous infections i.e. aggravation, cardiovascular infection, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, peptic ulcer, microbial infection. In this manner, next to from utilizing it as a nutraceutical or cosmeceutical, as a result, they may have the potential to substitute or complement in right now utilized drugs within the treatment of infections by creating it into other effective pharmaceutical definitions for way better future planned.         

 The skin may be a boundary against natural components and losing parts of it can cause disability or indeed passing. Wound recuperating may be a complex and energetic preparation with numerous stages. A few neighborhoods and systemic variables such as age, certain solutions (corticosteroids, anticoagulants, headache medicine), nourishment (protein, vitamins uncommonly A & C, zinc, press), circulation and tissue hypoxia status, localized compounds (anti-microbials, cleaning agents) and wound dressing influence the mending handle. Accomplishing speedier recuperation and less scarring is still one of medicine’s most critical objectives. Additionally, shortening recuperation time is of basic significance since it diminishes the chance of disease and diminishes complications and costs.

I believe I convinced you about the benefits of making practical and effective use of ointments as we shall always referring to plants and plant items for wound mending that incorporates a long history. Particularly in countries like India, China, and Iran that there’s more intrigued in conventional pharmaceutical, profitable data is accessible on utilizing obscure plants for treating wounds (Feringa et al., 2011). In any case, small logical inquire has been done to demonstrate their benefits.

Nowadays, the utilize of different homegrown extricates that have a long history of utilization in conventional medication, has moreover been considered in quickening skin wound mending (Bhatia et al., 2010; Li et al., 2012). Broad thinks about recommend that grape seed extricate has wellbeing benefits in numerous ways as a result of its antioxidant impact.

Be wise people or become ones! Good luck with keeping you safe and sound! What does safe and sound mean?

Well, it means out of danger and unharmed, as life is a challenging climb, so you’ll be relieved to do a good deed for your health by creating good skin cells with the help of only an ointment.

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