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When I was a child, the energy to move towards the world and the thirst for knowledge was enough to be a morning person. The habit was to drink a glass of milk and eat a slice of toast with butter. My mother turned on the radio and then took a quick shower. The sound of water in the bathroom helps me wake up even better. Before I went to school, then to college, my mother used to hug me and kiss me very warmly and tenderly and it was enough to start the day better, with a strong tone.

Referring to my present life, I believe the appetite to start a new day differs from one person to another depending on age, life experience, the people we have with us. When you’re a woman or a 35-year-old man living alone, things change. Nobody helps you wake up and you don’t hear other voices in the house where you live now as a mature and responsible person. It’s all up to you, a clock alarm and a radio in a hurry may represent the only stand-up actions. After a while, you will certainly think of other ways or incentives to help yourself pointing out a new day.

As a woman, I believe I have the right to create my life like a heaven on Earth, taking care of my senses and to appeal to many ideas to bring my senses to life sooner, faster and more pleasantly.

I will also like to ask you to think at your connections with the material world and to think of all the plants, herbs, fruits that may help your senses to come to life as smooth and natural as you can because we are changing in time becoming more and more used to the world surrounding us and it will always be a good idea to change your good customs with other good ones.

Recently, I experienced the phases of my body in winter, spring, summer and autumn because I got to the conclusion I have different needs and expectations and my moods are changing as soon as another season comes into my life. We are weather controlled, nevertheless, and once you make the connection, you are on the right path.

In summer, I experienced a feeling of openness to a bright day after a shower, a cup of coffee and a cucumber and I said to myself ‘What a wonderful world!’. Incredible! After listening to some great songs on the radio for years and for hours on end, I got to the point when I cheerful myself with these songs and the winter is so far and my body is easy to walk almost as my spirit is. No at muffle !

In autumn, I tasted the juices of the season and I climbed the morning almost rolling through the hours of the day. Resolve the day with vitamins and choose not to become the leaf other walks on !

In winter, I needed to spice my life with a cream having the smell of the coffee beans and sometimes I alternated the freshness with one having the perfume of an orange fruit. I also felt the need to put cinnamon into my cup of coffee and the darkness of the earliest hours of the morning become easier to pull through. All alone and ready to face the world !

I will not step any further without reminding you or letting you know about the wonderful benefits of the coffee beans. You may know the story about who discovered these round buttons full of natural energy. I do not know how many of you know it though I believe it will be a pleasure to remember it.

The story is based on true facts and the history of coffee had begun 6 centuries ago. It seems to have passed 600 years so the discovery had taken place in the 15th century in the Sufi monasteries of Yemen. Coffee was to begin with devoured within the Islamic world where it began and was specifically related to devout homes. For illustration, coffee helped its buyers quick within the day and stayed awake during the night, amid the Muslim celebration of Ramadan.

The first creatures who had eaten the magic potion were the goats even more time ago and if it hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have told. The facts had told us that an Ethiopian goat-herder, Kaldi, who, observing the energizing impacts when his run snacked on the shining ruddy berries of a certain bush, chewed on the natural product himself. His elation provoked him to bring the berries to a friar in a nearby religious community. But the minister opposed their utilization and tossed them into the fire, from which a luring smell surged, causing other friars to come and examine. The roasted beans were rapidly raked from the ashes, ground up, and dissolved in hot water, yielding the world’s first cup of coffee.

It had been found that among its incredible effects was ‘that it drove away fatigue and lethargy, and brought to the body a certain sprightliness and vigour.’

Considering the benefits of the coffee bean extract for your skin, the one I had learned to appreciate the most is improving the blood circulation, accelerating our peripheral blood circulation. For the cold days, this effect of the coffee bean extract is a blessing from nature, from God !

Plants and their fruits have their benefits and they are well known for these and I got to the clue it’s even more important to have another try, another guess after you used them. Do not forget to take your time to actually become aware !

Other benefits I feel the need to mention about the coffee bean extract – as there are many in there, in the coffee beans – are the following :



Keep always in your mind that you may also adore the smell of the coffee beans because in fact will make your senses more alive, more true, more opened to the world. It helped me recover from periods of sadness and did not let me get lost between the pillows of my bed, covered all with a blanket into the darkness of my tiredness and loneliness.

I mentioned in the title of the article another remedy for cold days, long hours of darkness, lack of natural light and a body like a battery discharged at the end of the year: orange fruit.

The orange fruit found in a cream, an oil or a moisture will certainly bring moments of sensations, of energy, of smell and joyfulness.

In winters, beside a hot cup of coffee, I chose the perfect cream for my body, the one containing orange extract. I believe there is a connection between the association of the colors with our mind and soul spirit. Orange is one of my favorite colors and expresses energy, being very well known that helps children and students and the workaholic ones to remain awake for hours on end.

Cancer prevention agents or the antioxidants found in oranges battle free radicals which may moderate down the generation of wrinkles, and halt untimely maturing. Oranges have a tall substance of citric corrosive which helps in skin peeling and makes a difference to dry out skin break out, moving forward the by and large see of your skin.

Orange extricate includes a delicate astringent property that makes a difference to diminish acne-prone skin. It’s delicate and decreases tingling and disturbance whereas too decreasing the skin breaks out and anticipates scarring. Orange oil can too rectify the oil adjust of the skin.


Orange juice positions to begin with because it could be a wealthy source of Vitamin C, and anything which is wealthy in Vitamin C is ordinarily extraordinary to help the skin tone. It is compelling, takes care of tanning, clogged pores and gives a reasonable and brilliant skin. Oranges too retain the earth and oil which makes skin see tired and gloomy.

Maybe it is not about ‘How long does Pure Orange Extract last’, although as a matter of knowledge, I found that it may last between 3 to 4 years. Well, this article is not about preparing the jars with orange jam or duct. [Ha! ha!]

My last idea is you should always have in mind to preparing juices, compote, jelly and even moisture, creams and oils from all the fruits you have on the market, especially the one appropriate to the season you found yourself, even we, long time ago, began to appreciate what is exotic and far away.

May the fruit traders bring us more exotic fruits and coffee beans to roast at your place for the lovely purpose of beginning the day with a cup of coffee, the so – called magic potion of energy and good mood.

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