Bendis Fairy Porcelain OOAK Art Doll BJD

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A Luxurious BJD (ball-jointed-doll) – a piece of Romanian culture & mythology, so universal in meaning, yet so particular in aesthetics and almost completely unknown to the world. Each and every symbol and decoration on the doll’s surface and clothing is relevant to the deity it represents.

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Bendis, the goddess of the moon, of the woods, and of the family is one of our oldest pagan gods. Inspired by our beautiful Romanian folklore and mythology – this beautiful shirt, with its long sleeves, was worn by high priestesses. The line crossing the sleeves, when these were rolled up, formed the ancient spiral of eternity. Midwives in the countryside wear this kind of shirt when they help deliver a child into this world. The W shape of the priestess is found on some of the oldest artifacts discovered in Romania, much later having been found in Greece. The Greeks and even the Romans seem to have borrowed some of our deities and traditions, evidence showing that our territory was the melting pot of a very old and prosperous, spiritually and materialistically speaking, ancient civilization.


Limoges Porcelain/ Painted with Platinum Luster/ Swarovski crystals / Silver jewelry/ Jewelry contains 1 Ruby / Hand embroidered costume / Real leather accessories / Completely handcrafted. Every doll is made to order, that’s why differences from the photos featured on this web page may occur. Small imperfections are the guarantee of the high quality of the doll and its hand-made nature – we call them “birthmarks”. Sensitive to scratches.

*** comes with a signature wood doll stand ***


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