Whenever I am thinking about rice, I am laughing and telling myself to not be greedy because rice is plenty. Rice is another discovery of the human people like any other plants existing on Earth in different geographic locations. They all had existed, but people when referring to a date, a precise date in time, the first documents about rice were written many years ago.

In the present time, we are making references through many indicators, such as geographic and historical, because rice was first cultivated in China and in India, but when it comes to remember the year, we begin to feel old as maybe rice feels about it. So, 2500 years before Jesus Christ, rice had helped us to get fed because God created it and for this reason rice is a blessing like any other creature or plant.

Rice is by far one of the greatest discoveries of humanity and since then people had found many ways for using it and beside the water rice for our face, specialists had made extracts from it and presently we may find on the market, physical and online, rice cream, rice oil and rice moisture.

Any extract of rice has good benefits for wrinkles and for whitening the skin of our face and of our body. It, also, creates collagen and rice put in water creates a good mucilage for the stomach, skin and nourishing the skin with its nutritious ingredients.

If you look at a grain of rice, you will notice its fine texture, and rice flour is very well known for whitening the skin. Before powder was created, rice flour was used by geishas, japanese people and dynasty spies to hide from acquaintances or other enemies. It was an old custom which describes the capacity of people to find different ways to hide, to make-up or to get lost in the crowd of people.

About how I came to introduce rice in my diet is a long story, of course. absolutely everything has a story and a beginning. One morning, I noticed my sister drinking a glass of water, which had a pile of rice in the bottom. Then he washed his face with water from another glass. I asked her about her habit and then I understood why her skin was becoming whiter and more beautiful. The pores had closed and the rice flour had softened the skin quite obviously.

The properties of rice can be appreciated and known only after the rice has been consumed or used externally. It is important that it is not missing from the diet and if at the beginning of the article we mentioned about people’s greed, I will also ask you to make sure that the rice is not missing from your diet, but without becoming greedy. To use does not mean to throw away, it does not mean to abuse your body but only to use it as a useful, rarely good and nourishing medicine.

Since then, I had done my research about the rice and few of them I had presented to you in the beginning of the article.

There are many videos on many communication channels and many tutorials where you are presenting recipes and masks for your face and body, because your body is also an important part of yourself which has to be treated as well as your skin face. So, try to take your time and become a right consciousness to every part of your body. Becoming self – aware, even if it is not so cozy and comfortable, will be in the end a good thing to do for yourself and for your dearest ones. Improving is a continual desire of humanity and will never be the right time except now.

Don’t worry if you haven’t done things right so far. No one knows how to do them, but it’s time to appreciate the diversity of possibilities around you, because humanity has encountered throughout history many shortcomings, roaming the planet to know it, to explore it. Let’s think that everything takes our time and energy and it is good that once known we use the right plants and herbs because it is a cure for diseases and fragile health.

Rice today is the cereal that feeds humanity in the greatest proportion, after the sugar cane and corn and humanity keeps going ahead. It is a good point of view and a good reference to do, after the specialists got to this conclusion, also.

There are many studies regarding the rice as people continue to become bewildered in front of the Earth’s plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables and they will never stop transforming these products coming from the ground. I do not know if it is a good thing to transform in any situation, that’s why I will always refer to my sister’s story. Trying to use the rice grains to gain health and beauty is my secret, my piece of advice.

There is in human kind the idea of helping the others and I truly believe it is an explanation of the final results of the rice grains. We are living faster and faster and the society is making you readjust to the technology and getting specialized. Becoming a person who knows, who can tell the difference, who can find proper ways to help people takes time and patience and for these reasons, people forgot about their needs, trying to reach somebody else’s needs and wants. It is about becoming a connoisseur in the field and not about taking care of yourself more about knowing the problems of the others. So, in this century people had to learn to sacrifice their time for the others.

In this manner, the specialists came to a conclusion: let’s help the people by giving the final product so not to waste time. A rice cream can be applied faster and women shall not lose their time more than when applying it. The way you are going to help yourself is up to you, nevertheless.

I believe it is important to know we may adopt both alternatives, being natural as a grain of rice or becoming helped by a rice cream in time. It is up to you to get reconciled with your time, your actions, your body needs and your spiritual food. It is good to have another meeting with God’s creation, after you had a meeting at your office. To touch and taste the rice or to prepare rice water and your mucilage is like you are having an encounter with God’s creation and it is good for you not to forget what a grain hides or produces in yourself.

Praying before you stand in front of your rice, your meals, your food upon the table all by yourself or with the entire family or the dearest ones will always be a good thing to do.

Revelation after praying moments will touch your body and spirit and your mind will be thinking more about the sense of life, about what matters, about how God let you play with other great elements on Earth.

Many people used to count the rice grains so to know how many days passed away from the last encounter and to teach their children to count using the rice grains. I believe, nevertheless, it will be better to think about it, just use this method so your children can touch and feel the rice. When we were created it took almost 2500 years to find the rice, to discover this miracle grain and even to remember it. Even if it is not an equation, things not seen are easy to forget so pay attention to the following Confucian philosophy, repetition is the mother of learning. Once you understand to repeat the good actions are a life matter.

Now, I should invite you to repeat the benefits of rice for your skin:










I also want to let you know about a movie, ‘Songs of rice’. The film begins in Thailand, where rice represents the premise of each feast. Small ponder at that point that the edit is lauded in numerous ways. In this expressive film, the rice cycle is given a melodic backup – from the minute the edit is planted in perpetual, wet areas underneath marvelous cloudy skies until the cooked rice is shared out in temples. A noteworthy portion of the film is committed to the gathering celebrations, at which men race on bulls and set off tremendous (and possibly dangerous) hand crafted firecrackers, and ladies swathed in shining, colourful textures and headpieces move enchantingly to trancelike, drawn-out beats. There are tunes lauding the qualities of rice, tunes almost gathering and planning it – a few basic, a few went with by a rich film clip. And there are minutes when the pace loosens – actually – when the pictures talk for themselves, in moderate movement, and tell a story of deep – rooted conventions and liking with the arrival that produces this celebrated food.

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